Hypnosis for positive life change

Hypnosis is not some magical art, a stage trick, or mind control.  Hypnosis is utilizing your own brain’s power to create positive change in your life! 

Hypnosis 412
Helping YOUR brain work for YOU!

Hypnosis is nothing new!  In fact, before we referred to this practice as Hypnosis, Franz Anton Mesmer began research on what he called “animal magnetism”.  in the 1840s, just years before james braid (considered the father of modern hypnotism) passed away, the term hypnosis began to be used regularly.  

through the years, there have been changes to the techniques that are used, but the principles remain the same.  hypnosis is simply accessing the subconscious part of your brain, and allowing it the opportunity to use it’s immense power to cause change!  

Areas Of Expertise

At Hypnosis 412, we utilize methods taught throughout many centuries, from Mesmer, to Braid, to the more modern teachings of Dave Elman.  However, our greatest approach to hypnosis follows the path of Milton Erickson, commonly known in the field as the “Father of Modern Hypnotherapy.”  Through the use of indirect suggestion, metaphor, and visualizations, the client is given the chance to be gently guided through their process of change.  Some of the areas where we can help our clients excel involve:

Financial Hardship

Times are difficult for many people now.  At a time when many people need the help that can be provided with hypnosis, we’ve introduced a new Financial Hardship Program that can make your appointment fees as low as $20/session.  For more information on the program and to apply, please visit our Financial Hardship page.

30% Off Initial Assessment

Ready to start your journey through hypnosis? Let’s get your first session out of the way with a 30% Off Discount!  

Simply book your appointment and choose “pay later.”  When we receive your appointment, our billing team will invoice you and apply your 30% discount!

Valid through June 30, 2022